Life with Sensory Processing Disorder

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Book Review

I finished reading Been There Done That Try This two nights ago. Overall I did not care for it. I’ve been living for 40 years with ASD & SPD and I have read everything I can get my hands on about SPD & ASD and this information was just nothing new and nothing helpful for me. As soon as I got the book I excitedly went straight to the sensory section and read the entire chapter. Then I cried. I am always so hopeful I will find something new that will help me and diminish my symptoms, lessen my pain. But I only found common sense advice like avoid what bothers you, use ear plugs (I can’t – they hurt my ears & give me infections), wear sunglasses (I can’t - hurt me after more than 10 minutes and make me sweat under my eyes, give me a headache), do & eat the things you enjoy (well, duh).

So I went on to read the entire book. This is probably best for someone very young who has just discovered they have ASD a/o SPD, and do not know much about ASD and how to deal with sensory and other issues or someone who wants to read how others are affected by ASD. It might be a good read for parents who wish to learn more about what their child is going through or spouses of those with ASD.

I went back and read the sensory chapter four different times over the past month just to see if maybe I missed something, maybe a bad day was coloring my thoughts. Unfortunately not the case. Very disappointing.

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