Life with Sensory Processing Disorder

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


We received some Christmas gifts via mail yesterday. Christmas is supposed to be a happy time and receiving presents should be fun and exciting, so I hate that this is an issue. While the contents/wrapped gifts of one package weren’t smelly, the packaging; interior of the shipping box, bubble wrap, paper, cardboard was. Extremely. I’m guessing like some type of strong potpourri? So much so I got an instant throbbing headache, earache, started sneezing, eyes hurt, throat swelled up just opening the outer box. I had to take the box & packaging outside, leave the room because I hurt so bad due to the smell, and wash my hands. The discomfort lasted at least half an hour. Thankfully the wrapped gifts do not smell and we can put them under our tree. I truly appreciate the thought & any gifts I receive, but boy does it hurt when things have an odor. L
 Sometimes I wish everyone I know knew about my SPD and *respected my need for non-smelly things*. Although I have told some that I am allergic to smells and anything chemical, but they forget or don't care. This happens more often than one would think. Birthdays & Christmas in the past I’ve received gifts like perfume, scented lotion, soap & bath sets, a lavender stuffed eye pillow, scented candles, clothing with a chemical smell. I struggle with if I should tell anyone, but don’t want to be rude, so I say thank you and hope that next year I won’t be bombarded with odors that hurt.

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