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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dentist Appointment

Dentist appointment yesterday. Blech. Hate, hate, hate going to the dentist and not because I don’t like my dentist (I actually have one I really like!) or have a fear about going. I don’t like going because it hurts horribly. For hours and days afterward. Yes, a simple cleaning can be extremely painful. I always get some anxiety before going because I know what it is going to feel like and for how long. Having SPD, I experience pain from many activities that most people do not; lights, sound, smell, touch, décor, energy, heat. It’s not necessarily that I don’t like these things, it is that they hurt me. I went to my appointment prepared; took some L-Theanine that had me very relaxed, several ibuprophen, fidgets in hand, mantra in mind, dark glasses on, even counted screen holes in ceiling fan to distract my mind from what I was feeling. Yes, it went smoothly and I did not panic or have an anxious meltdown of any sort and on the bright side my teeth are now sparkly clean. I'm proud of myself for not cancelling my appointment (and trust me I thought about it and really wanted to). That said I left with red rashy skin, hives, sweating, headache, jaw pain, canker sores from gloved fingers/tools in my mouth, throbbing temples, dizzy, eyes hurt, itchy, nausea, exhausted, and feeling like someone beat me up, all from a typical cleaning. Four hours after appointment I was still in pain despite taking more ibuprophen. Noises sound magnified, felt totally overwhelmed by everything afterward. Wake up this morning to swollen face, sore jaw, sore tongue, sore teeth, headache. SPD sucks and is a total curse in times like this! Yes I went to my appointment and didn’t die from it, but I truly hurt and pills, a positive attitude, preparedness – nothing stops it. My hygienist is aware of my TMJ and SPD and they do try to give me breaks, let me close my jaw often, try to be quick, and not hurt me & I am so thankful for that.
My main coping tool afterward is to go home and snuggle my dogs - what a comfort they are!! I love that they are affectionate, fun, loving, and want to be with me all the time. I can never feel bad for long around them, even when in pain. If I cry, they lick my tears. No matter how much pain I am in, I often find myself laughing at their silly antics. They truly are the best cure all drug! Love, love, love my dogs!

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