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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Color Therapy Glasses

I've purchased a full set of 8 color therapy glasses from Rainbow OPTX and am loving these! They truly do affect your sensory responses, mood, energy! I will post more about them and a full review soon - I need more time to try each in different settings. I've had them for a week now and am using multiple colors daily. My husband is also trying them out for different reasons - headaches, seizure prevention, and SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

I had expected the blue to be the most used for my SPD - having read others wear blue tinted glasses to filter artificial light, to calm, to correct visual stress, etc. But I've found for me the green and the purple/indigo work best for calming my senses. And so far the yellow is fantastic for SAD (seasonal affective disorder) & cloudy days.

The full set is on sale for $29.88 off and once on their site they give a coupon code for 20% off for new customers, which equals an additional $25.99 off the set! Noel from Rainbow OPTX let me know there will be a *holiday sale in early December*, so if interested in purchasing, that would be a good time!
You can purchase the entire set or each color individually.

This was my first purchase and I am very happy with their customer service, shipping time, and product. I only recently discovered Rainbow OPTX while researching Chromotherapy. I don't mean to sound like a commercial, but I am very excited that these seem to help my moderate to severe SPD!!

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  1. I know that this post is older, but I ordered my first couple pairs of Rainbow Optx glasses (red, violet, and a free pair of green ones, which is what got me to their site in the first place). I have photosensitive epilepsy with my biggest issue coming from UV light. I chose red and violet because they are on each end of the spectrum. The green didn't seem to have much of an effect, but the violet pair made me feel a little more anxious than normal. The red pair, though, literally caused me to cry tears of joy because of how great I felt wearing them. I felt like my old self, but better.