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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bleach as a Treatment!?

I just read the most sad and horrifying thing last night. Apparently some parents and groups are advocating that not only should Autism be cured, but they are promoting giving bleach enemas, baths, and supplements to autistic children every 2 hours for 72 hours or longer, then upping the dose when vomiting and diarrhea cease. WTF!?

I’m sure being a parent to an autistic child who is non-verbal and uncontrollable is difficult, but really, you think giving them bleach, or MMS – the Miracle Mineral Solution as they’re calling the homemade industrial strength bleach, is the solution?  HERE is the FDA's safety alert on it.
What about me, I may only have High Functioning Autism, but do I need to be cured? I tell people I have been blessed with Asperger’s/ASD/ HFA (I have higher than normal intelligence, am very creative & artistic, think differently, and consider myself gifted in many ways because of Asperger’s) and cursed with SPD. I can live with my form of Autism - the SPD I’d like to do without & have a cure for as it can be truly debilitating.

Anyway, these are children; human beings with feelings, thoughts, hopes, dreams, life and you want to give them bleach? What is this world coming to? I say an eye for an eye; give bleach to the parents and see how they like it and see if it cures their idiocy!
Many groups advocate treatment of some sort for all types of Autism. I find this quite offensive. I like being different, thinking differently. Most people suck, why would I want to be like everyone else? I am intelligent, considerate, polite, quiet, artistic, thoughtful, and many other things. Just because I am viewed as unsocial and like to be alone or with few loved ones does not mean I want to learn how to be or be more social! I am not hurting anyone by being me, so unless you can fix my SPD, I do not need to be treated! I’m sure many others with Autism Spectrum Disorders feel the same. Let us be and stop trying to fix us.

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